Lunch time viewing.

Hand-picked video clips worthy of a watch.
Tissot Restoration

Feeling stressed? Take a cathartic 5-min and watch (excuse the pun) a master horologist do his thing on a beat up Tissot. Shout-out Jason Bagley for the find.


Brilliant and heartbreaking short film (4mins) featuring the voice of one of my favorite directors Taika Waititi.

Wildist Email Critique

Wildist emails are some of the finest looking emails in my inbox. Recently I teamed up with with the legends over at Really Good Emails to break down what makes them so special. If you dig this format, I also critiqued a couple Formula 1 emails🙂

Daft Punk – Epilogue

The consistency Daft Punk executed their design, branding, merch and mysterious ways – was so inspiring for me. It’s no surprise this minimal send off is brilliant.

Pulse Demonstration by Claudia Bueno

Inspirational 5-min vid sharing how Claudia Bueno transitioned her fascination for patterns in nature into a jaw-dropping exhibition in Los Vegas.

How the mind of a copywriter works

Harry over at Marketing Examples has put together (and narrated) this brilliant little video. If you work online and not subscribed to Marketing Examples, it’s probably the most important thing you need to do today.

Reflecting on side projects

Had a great, nostalgic chat with Nic Harry reflecting on my side hustles over the years, including my first proper side project converting case online!

Interface Design Pro Tips by MDS

UI designer and educator Matt D. Smith published this 15 minute time-lapsed video designing a faux user interface in Figma. I cannot emphasize enough the seasoned UI nuggets he shares as he narrates the work.

Hans Zimmer x Netflix

Hans Zimmer created an extended version of Netflix’s ‘ta-dum’ sound for theaters and it’s as magnificent as you’d hope it was.

The details of UI typography

30 minute vid by Apple teaching us how to achieve tight UI typography in our apps. The goal here is to enhance legibility, accessibility and consistency across Apple platforms.

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