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Markdoc – Documentation Tool

Stripe have open-sourced the tool they use to create their well-known, gorgeous documentation. We can now freely build documentation or static pages with the same tool as them. I’ve given it a brief spin and it’s cleeean. Also want to throw in a little cherry-on-top the Landing Page for Markdoc was created with the tool. Booya!

Brilliant little One Pager to kick off lofi hiphop beats and get some deep work done. Shoutout to Marcel for sharing this gem!

Ambient music by Adventureson

If you’re after ambient music to get some deep work done, give these two Adventureson albums a go. Adventureson is the audible creative outlet of type designer Tyler Finck.

TweetPik – Save Tweets to SVG, PNG, JPG

Developer Bruno Quaresma has built this lovely minimal web app to simply save tweets into image formats. The UX is quick, the UI uncluttered and it just works great!

Quantity vs Quality

Gary Vee content is mostly off-topic for the newsletter but this one really resonated with me. The quantity vs quality debate drastically changes with different objectives, and these words are worth remembering in the work we do. If the topic is something you’re battling with too, this article on quality vs consistency is brilliantly put together by Shawn Wang.

Adam Wathan on making a living as an independent maker

Twitter is littered with insightful threads. This one is worth your time if you are considering to become a full time Maker. Sound advice in here.

Visualize Value

Stumbled upon this wonderful Twitter account run by Jack Butcher featuring concepts explained through minimal infographics. You can get well lost in the feed, so you have been warned!

Analog – Minimal Productivity System

Secured the beautifully designed Analog Starter Kit by Ugmonk this week. Jeff is honestly a treasure to our community. He spent so much time on this so I’m glad it’s got the Kickstarter traction it deserved.

AR Cut & Paste

Check out this mind blowing prototype allowing cutting elements from your surroundings to be pasted into image editing software. The Beta program has just opened up.


Been rolling the Spatium Chrome extension this week built and curated by front-end dev Tiago Cedrim. Each day produces a fascinating image of our universe.

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