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Yo! Podcast #014 – Luke Beard

Luke Beard (@lukesbeard) is UK-born product designer and photographer currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013 he founded Exposure – a publishing platform to help individuals and brands create and share their stories visually. We have such a good time chatting about side-projects, growing sustainable businesses, what he looks for when taking photos, why we’re attracted to heavier music and where we draw the line between personality and professionalism on social media.

Yo! Podcast #013 – MDS

Matt D. Smith (@mds) is an exceptional UI designer with a prolific catalog of design-related side projects. His most recently offering is Shift Nudge, an online learning experience to master designing beautiful and accessible interfaces. We go deep into course creation, the top 3 mistakes new UI designers are making, how he got his 3-letter Twitter handle and where we draw the line between copying a design and drawing inspiration.

Yo! Podcast #012 – The Couldwells

Meagan and Andrew Couldwell are a designer/developer couple currently based in Los Angeles, California. Together they published the book ‘Laying The Foundations’, a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing Design Systems. We have such a fun chat discussing book publishing, working with newborn twins, design inspiration from Disney, crafting color schemes, what makes a good boss, and even squeeze in a couples quiz right at the end:)

Yo! Podcast #011 – Oliur

Oliur (@ultralinx) is a designer, photographer, YouTuber and entrepreneur based in the UK. Having amassed over 100,000 followers on several platforms, Oliur has become well known for his slick, minimal style. This clean aesthetic is also evident in his growing catalog of beautifully crafted digital and tangible products. We have a chilled convo about humble beginnings, creating freedom through products, his upcoming course, minimalism, and why it’s important to re-invest in yourself.

Yo! Podcast #010 – Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers (@sivers) is an author, musician and entrepreneur famously known for founding CD Baby. What started as a hobby, turned intro an independant music juggernaut helping over 150,000 musicians sell $100m worth of music. However after selling CD Baby for a healthy sum back in 2008, Derek decided to not let money dictate his path and started a trust where 5% of the trusts value would be paid out to him annually, with the rest ultimately going to charity. He went on to write the hit book ‘Anything You Want’ in 2011, a personal favorite of mine that helped motivate me take the leap to work on my side projects full time. Derek and I have an absolutely blast reminiscing about our most memorable years in music also covering creativity, essentialism, Hendrix vs Bowie, his disregard for analytics, how to stand out online in 2020 and his secret to replying to 6000 emails in 10 days.

Yo! Podcast #009 – Ugmonk

Jeff Sheldon (@ugmonk) is the owner, designer and driving force behind the brand, Ugmonk. From humble beginnings entering t-shirt design contests to raising over $400k on kickstarter for the Gather desk organizer, Ugmonk is no overnight success. Jeff has consistently been shipping meticulously crafted products for over a decade and in-turn amassed a huge loyal following. We chat about his blend of business and personal branding, minimalism, effective social media channels, how he avoids burnout, Philly Cheesesteaks and the magic number for free shipping in the US.

Yo! Podcast #008 – Adam Wathan

Adam Wathan (@adamwathan) is 1 part metalhead, 2 parts online education juggernaut. Over the past few years, Adam has distilled his obsessive development research into several online courses and books, achieving millions of Dollars in sales. We rap about SaaS vs once-off payments, Pantera vs Slayer, why he uses Gumroad, the advantage of multi-tier pricing and of course his rapidly growing CSS Framework, Tailwind CSS.

Yo! Podcast #007 – Gilbert Pellegrom

Gilbert Pellegrom (@gilbitron) is a Scottish software engineer with an impressive resume working with the likes of WooCommerce, ThemeZilla, Dunked and now Delicious Brains. He is also a side-project heavyweight and was the man behind the popular Nivo Slider jQuery plugin used by thousands including Dell, AOL and eBay. Gilbert and I chat about nightmare NDA situations, the state of online privacy, Biffy Clyro and if all side-projects should be monetized.

Yo! Podcast #006 – Mubs

Mubashar Iqbal (@mubashariqbal) – infamously known as “Mubs” – is one of the most prolific side-project builders online and even earned the prestigious Product Hunt “Maker of the Year” award. He currently boasts over 80 side-projects including the viral ‘Will Robots Take my Job?’ microsite – gaining more than 14 million views before it was acquired. We chat about immigrating to America, his love for football, partnership equity, building MVP’s and how he keeps side-projects fun!

Yo! Podcast #005 – Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger (@steveschoger) is a Designer and Maker from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. His Refactoring UI book he co-wrote with Adam Wathan was a massive success, so I try break down the full 18 month execution leading to launch. We also go deep discussing low self-esteem, reacting to pricing complaints, influential marketing channels and how he meticulously constructs those viral Design Tip Tweets.

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