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Play Wayfinder

“Explore an animated landscape to recover nature’s lost memories and build Haiku-like poems” – I’m not big on games but loved the sound design and creativity in this short in-browser game.

GitHub “3D Printed in Steel” Personalized Gift

Dang, this is seriously classy and creative (extracted from a users commits throughout the year) by GitHub. Well played!

Any Distance – Workout Story Designer

This post is funny for me as I try to “experience” everything I feature on this newsletter (so I can vouch for it’s quality). If there was one post I have thoroughly tested, it’s the Any Distance app – coincidently built by my next Yo! Podcast guest, Luke Beard. Coined as “The Workout Story Designer” it’s honestly a delight to make your mundane Strava routes look absolutely gorgeous.

Google Analytics maxed out at 769k concurrent users

Quite a fun Twitter thread by the team behind the UK gov site just after they announced new lockdown regulations. This was also the busiest hour ever in the history of Gov.uk with 17M page requests and only 21 5xx errors! Server respect.

Yo! Podcast Illustration Concept

To try further differentiate the Yo! Podcast artwork from others, I’m toying with a new illustration concept using Steve Schoger’s image. This absolutely could not happen but it’s all part of the game and quite fun using Fiverr for the experiment. Let me know what you think!

Adam Wathan on making a living as an independent maker

Twitter is littered with insightful threads. This one is worth your time if you are considering to become a full time Maker. Sound advice in here.

Subscription or no subscription?

This pros vs cons, when it works, when it doesn’t breakdown by iA is a masterpiece and must-read if you are considering a subscription model.

Metrik ‘Ex Machina’ Virtual Album Launch

Not a normal Yo! post but IN ABSOLUTE AWE at the this album launch execution by DNB artist Metrik. The visuals, camera panning and editing are phenomenal and possibly the most impressive quarantine artist launch I’ve seen.

Mixkit add royalty-free music

The Mixkit crew just added 1000 royalty-free music tracks to their library. The UX is great too with good filters, fast audio and no sign-up needed to download.

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