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Hand-picked Development Resources & Tools
Markdoc – Documentation Tool

Stripe have open-sourced the tool they use to create their well-known, gorgeous documentation. We can now freely build documentation or static pages with the same tool as them. I’ve given it a brief spin and it’s cleeean. Also want to throw in a little cherry-on-top the Landing Page for Markdoc was created with the tool. Booya!

Sine Wave Generator

Useful little webapp to help generate Sine Waves in SVG format. Want to point out the smart use of a single-serving One Pager to upsell design audits (non-obtrusively promoted in corner).

Stack Overflow “Copy & Paste” Macropad

What started as an April Fool’s product/goof to tease the 15 million users who copy-and-paste from their site, has now become a full-fledged real life Macropad. There are only 300pc’s available and you can even configure the keys to perform virtually any command you want. Fun!

Google Fonts Knowledge

The Google Fonts team has collaborated with several typographic experts to create a beautiful new resource to learn about Typography. The library consists of roughly 30 lessons over 3 modules; “Introducing Type”, “Choosing Type”, and “Using Type” – plus 100+ glossary definitions.

500 Open Source Icons by Craftwork

Solid set of 500 open-source icons in fill and stroke variations. Yup, totally free to use in your personal and commercial projects. The full download needs an email address, but each icon on their site has a direct SVG download. Cheers Craftwork team!

Streamline Sketch Elements

Boy do I love a good sketched arrow! Huge drop this by Streamline with 1,300+ scribbles, arrows, and shapes to bring your products to life. They are FREE for a limited period and feature global recolor, fine resizing, adjustable strokes, and a Figma plugin.

Mesh Gradient Vectors

Neat collection of multicolor mesh gradient vectors for web devs and designers called Meshed Up! By Michael Andreuzza.

CC0 3D Icons by Vijay Verna

Vijay Verma has gifted our community 120+ unique 3D icons under the Creative Commons CC0 license. They come in 4 predefined styles at 3 angles.

Boring Avatars

A far-from-boring take for an online Avatar generator. Features a useful set of customization options bundled in some wonderful UX.

Online Image Compressor

Quite a few of these online but this stood out and worth a bookmark. Works really well, then throw in some cheeky branding (with a rocket launch upon compression) and you got a new fan.

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