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Company Reg 2022/221781/07
VAT ID 4880302858 (South Africa)
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Back in 2008, South African designer & developer Rob Hope curated the first One Page website on One Page Love.

More soon.

Meet the family:

Here is an overview of the projects and digital products under the Love Curated umbrella. Select the item to see deeper stats, milestones and behind-the-scenes blogs:

Since Name Detail
2022 Love Curated The parent company housing all the love brands and products. The Love Curated website curates design, development & productivity finds while sharing behind-the-scenes building blogs.
2022 UX Love Curated resource of thoughtful, clever and fun design details. Launching Aug 2022.
2020 LPHT 100 Landing Page Hot Tips snackable via Email Drip, Ebook, Audiobook, Notion Ebook, Kindle and Checklist formats.
2019 Email Love Curated resource for Email design inspiration and resources.
2018 Yo! Podcast The Yo! Podcast spotlights incredible designers, developers, makers and entrepreneurs building their own future.
2008 One Page Love Curated resource for One Page website inspiration, templates and resources.


Presskit currently being compiled, until then let us know what media you need.